Ceramics by Janette....


I have had great fun as a painter for many years exploring different types of media in the process. Then when I retired I ‘found’ clay, this opened new exciting boundaries to explore in the three dimensional world.

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to travel the world and experience many cultures and traditions.

In an attempt to capture the atmosphere of each place, I photograph and sketch a broad variety of visual stimuli, which range from the national costumes of indigenous people to architecture.

The sketches I make on site hold far more emotions than the photographs, because through the intimate observation of forms, colours and patterns I capture the ‘essence’ of my experiences – the pace of life or tranquillity of a landscape. 

Through my individual, decorative pieces of ceramics I want to share with the viewer the feelings and excitement I experienced from different cultures. By replicating some of these designs and colours in my pieces perhaps I can carry this history forward.